Free The Winter EP

Seasons greeting everybody!
In the spirit of the Winter and all that follows it, I've put together a 4 track EP which is available only from here as a free download. I've put some new tunes and some old tunes on there that you wouldn't have heard on the Welsh Whisky Society, it's pretty stripped back but hopefully you'll enjoy. Click the link below to download it!
Have a lovely Christmas guys,





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  • The Full Moon - Cardiff 26th Sept. - 8p.m.
  • The Full Moon - Cardiff 22nd Sept. - 8p.m.
  • The Icaurus Club, Pelton Arms - Greenwich 6th Sept. - 8p.m.
  • Buffalo Bar - Cardiff 27th Aug. - 8p.m.
  • The Gladstone - London 21st July - 7p.m.
  • Raglan Music Festival - Raglan Festival 16th June - 8p.m.
  • Boleros Bar - Caerleon 16th May - 8p.m.
  • The Fleece - Bristol 13th May - 6p.m.
  • Kama Lounge - Newport 9th May - 8p.m.

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You can listen to a selection of Ffred's music in the jukebox at the top of the page.  His full catalogue is available on iTunes and his latest releases are on Spotify.


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